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"Bronek, I didn’t want to let the day go by without saying once again thank you, thank you and thank you for the terrific work you did, helping us get that video up on the web and seen by over 2 million people!!!! You are every bit as good of a videographer and human being as Howard told us you were."
Sincerely, Bruce Hennes
Hennes Communications | Crisis Communications, Media Training, Litigation Communications


Proudly served such companies as Associated Materials, Window World, Sherwin Williams, CSU, CWRU, Billy Graham Association and more


Training and promotional videos, logo treatment, 2D and 3D animations. Quick turn-around time. Full service including lighting, teleprompter, etc.


Your compelling message is propelled by professional, well polished editing with exceptional sound and very quick turn around time


We want your product to stand out so our dedication to creativity with your collaboration helps us to achieve your objectives

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We are here to win your friendship and keep it strong. We desire to help you through our dedication to do all we can to achieve your video needs. It doesn't matter how big your company is and what your standing is... and we are fast.

Service Details

Introductory hourly rate is available for the new customers for a single camera with operator plus traveling expenses

Introductory pricing is available for a basic editing as well as for advanced multi-source editing and time line compression

Hourly rate per camera per operator. All cameras recording separately

Let's talk price... when you need a TV commercial, training video or promo calling for a polished editing, After Effects, 2D or 3D animations

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