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Few things to consider about Bulldog Works


We make it easy to produce quality video that tells a compelling story.


That's why we can easily spot a way to improve your video and make suggestions that make a real difference in the finished product...


We always strive to deliver a polished, professional project that meets your every need... We've been honored with many prestigious Telly Awards for the videos we've produced...


A keen understanding of digital media, highly skilled with tools such as Adobe After Effects and Light Wave 3D to create incredible motion graphics and visual effects that help visualize difficult concepts clients need to explain to their important audiences...

What they say about the man behind Bulldog Works

"Bronek embraces emerging digital platforms, and is always on the lookout for the next best way to tell a client’s story using compelling visuals and cutting-edge technology. He is a humble man blessed with considerable gifts, and is the smartest choice your organization can make when it needs a visual storyteller to deliver a knockout video product."

Howard Fencl, APR - Vice President at Hennes Communications



About our Company

BulldogWorks, formerly Gober Multimedia, a company with decades of high end video programming serving local and national companies that include Fortune 500

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